Misslopez beauty tips: give life to your eyes with a touch of colour

Hola amigos!. Love to erybody!
I must admit I love painting and make up is my everyday piece of art. Why not to try it and get the best of you?. I bit of make up can make miracles sometimes, just with a litle touch of colour.
The warm weather returns the color to our closet: colorful clothing, prints bold, shoes and bags… Why makeup is going to become less than that? The key is a single color highlight feature of the face to get that dramatic effect, not impressionistic, that we seek. In this case, makeup serves to enhance the beauty out the best in every face. So, given this, and we will use bright colors, pick the part that you want to highlight: the eyes or the lips... but never all at once.
Good tips I think from Misslopez!
photo: Mac
Feelgood everybody with a colour explotion in your eyes!