Misslopez yoga tips: strengh your arms like Marisol Hume from Chile

Hi there!. Here comes again our yoga tips from Misslopez yoga expert: Marisol Hume
Would you like strong  and beautiful arms? You do not need any device or machine, just your own body weight like our yoga expert from Chile in Sweden Marisol Hume in the picture. Play and test with your partner, your friends or your children to practice  balancing on your arms.
She says that it is very entertaining at the beach or on the grass as you like. She would like you to enjoy sharing with others this exercises while laughing with your friends. Open yourself to new things is good to keep you young in body and mind. Be proud and happy of yourself, allways!.
Look what a woman of 56 can do!. Your age has nothing to do with being old or not, everything it is in your mind.
You put your own limits, Feelgood Womanhood