Misslopez tips: Travel to Fuerteventura, exotic beaches, great weather and a “curse”

Hi everybody!, I give you some tips if you are planning to travel to Spain: Come to Fuerteventura in Canary Islands.
Great weather, exotic beaches and valuable natural resources as well as  geological make the Canary Islands the Fortunate Islands. But the oldest of them, Fuerteventura, it is also windy and, legend says, that’s all due to a curse cast by a mother guanche against the land of Don Pedro Fernandez de Saavedra, back in the fifteenth century, Lord from Spain. Today they got an illegitimate child, but also the cause of her misfortune: her death. When everything happened, Laurinaga raising her eyes to heaven prayed to the Guanches Gods  and as the legend says, from that moment the hot Sahara winds began to blow without measure, the flowers were burned and the island became a  dying skeleton, according to the curse, the island would  eventually disappear. The spell at the moment is very far from real.
Fun to get to know the legend so Feelgood