Shakira Isabel, a singer and now farmer in Spain with Latin roots

Shakira en Cataluña
Hi there!.Everyone knows her as Shakira, but what is sure is that many do not know her real name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll and her Lebanese roots by his father, but also from Spain and Italy, from her mother. The artist has been in Lisbon these days, at the festival Rock in Rio, an event that comes to Madrid in just two days (Friday, 4 starts) and that she will be too. However, not everything will be working during her stay in Spain. Willing to lend a hand wherever it is needed, Shakira has been moved to the town of Ripoll in Catalonia, to know where she comes from. Her mother, Carmen Ripoll Torrado is from this town in Gerona that Shakira visited nearly incognito with her boyfriend Antonio de la Rua from Argentina.
Shakira en Cataluña
Here you see Shakira fully involved in the work of the inhabitants of this area of the Catalan pre-Pyrenees and became a farmer too. These pictures are from her twitter account.
A fun way to spend a few days,  right?
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