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Lisen to Lady Gaga´s new song on Twitter

Hi latin lovers!. Lisen to this new yorker with italian roots: Lady Gaga!. The singer has decided to use social networks to share with her fans her new song, You & I, a rock ballad style. Lady Gaga has published on her personal Twitter account that this song was written in New York with the piano she grew up with, so it has a special meaning for her. The artist has also posted on the website ofYouTube the video of her performance at the festival ‘White Tie and Tiara’ organized every year Elton John, and that meant the exclusive premiere of the new item. Excited, Gaga said it was “a new song that no one has heard before”, so try to touch it “as ever.”
Use social networking and Feelgood

Royal ring: diamonds are for ever!

Hi there!. This is the engagement ring given by Albert of Monaco to his wife to be a few days ago, just after the wedding of Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. If diamonds are for ever, there is no better way to make a pledge of eternal love with a diamond engagement ring like the one Albert of Monaco has presented to his fiancee, Charlene Wittstock. There is a historic jewel of the Grimaldi family legacy, but he has chosen the ring Tethys, white gold, consists of a central diamond with size flooring pear brilliant cut diamond. A great gem for a great time together.
Nice ring!. I like it. And you, do you like it?
Feelgood with or without a ring in your finger anyway!

Misslopez beauty tips: get luxury feet this summer

Hi everybody!. Do you care of the nails of your feet as you should? Maybe not, as we used to ‘pay more attention’ to hands,  but neglect the feet. I forget myself about my feet and now I want to change it, and I hope you too if that it is the case with you. When the time comes to sandals, you realize you should have started earlier to pamper. Let’s try these tips to help to remedy this problem as soon as possible and get luxury feet!

  1. With the help of a foot file removes calluses as much as possible, especially the heels but you should not be overemphasized to protect the feet.
  2. It’s time to shape your nails with the help of an emery board extra-thick. Remember it is important to always cut square to prevent skin nail to grow.
  3. Apply a product to take away accumulations of dead cells. Perform a minute and let it push the cuticles back with the help of a towel.
  4. Submerge your feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes to help remove calluses after the other, what you can do well with an exfoliating foot cream (thicker than those for the body) or pumice stone.
  5. Dry feet carefully, insisting through his fingers. Cover with a moisturizer. The glycerin will find (especially oily) or enriched with menthol, which have a cooling effect. If you’re going to apply polish to the nails, remove any excess fat before, or the paint will not fix.
  6. The dark glazes require a basis.Apply two coats of color and ultimate protector, which increase their brightness and durability.

You can also contact our product expert A Sea Star.
Enjoy the summer with luxury feet and Feelgood

Latin Eva Mendes presents her new film in Mexico

Eva Mendes has presented her latest film,The other guys in Cancun (Mexico).This is a comedy in which the actress plays the wife of a detective. The presentation was also attended Mark Walhberg, who said: “I wanted to make a comedy for a long time” and Dwayne Johnson, who plays one of the best detectives. Will Ferrell, who also participates in the film, could not keep the appointment, but made it recorded a video apologizing for his absence. The film hits theaters in Mexico next October.
Feelgood Womanhood

The most latin world cup ever!. spanish Villa, star football player at South Africa World Cup

Villa mete a España en cuartos
Hi there!. You can imagine how happy are people in Spain right now. A goal from David Villa on 63 minutes of play gives the victory to Spain to Portugal, which finished with ten players. On Saturday at 2030, Spain will face Paraguay. The happiest match up to now according to Villa.
It was actually very interesting match, don´t you think so?
I keep my fingers crossed for Spain all the way!. Keep in mind five latin countries are still at the world cup: Brasil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Spain. This is going to be the most latin world cup ever…
Congratulation to Spain´s team and Feelgood!

Misslopez tips: Please be careful when you are leaving on vacation on Facebook…

Hi there!. I love this picture, don´t you?.
Anyway I love blogging, social networking…but it has its risks, specially if you are travelling away and you are not cautious on internet. Here come a series of recommendations to prevent theft in order to enjoy a few days off safely. Like:
Don´t tell when you are leaving on social networks and which days we are away from home. Also, before you leave home you need to ensure that all doors and windows are closed properly, and try to convey the appearance of being inhabited
Do not leave at home high-value items, car keys, important papers, checkbooks, credit cards, keys or codes of access to banking online here.
Caution also at the resort. For the beach or the pool you should take what is necessary and avoid using public computers (cyber cafes, railway stations or airports) for commercial transactions over the Internet.
And now I wish you a nice summer vacation 2010 and Feelgood

Latin Eva Longoria in romantic Venice with her husband: Viva el amor!

Eva Longoria y Tony Parker, de vacaciones en Venecia 
Hi latin lovers!. Eva Longoria wanted to share with all her followers most romantic moments in Venice, Italy with her husband, Tony Parker, and she has posted some photos on her personal page of Facebook. The actress and the basketball player are enjoying a “second honeymoon” in the city of canals and judging from the pictures the couple are so in love like the first day.
So wonderful!
Viva el amor and Feegood

Easy latin summer recipe

Hi there!. A classic recipe in a different way!. The sweet taste of melon with rich salty ham  form one of the most successful pairings of the summer.Because, although the second can be enjoyed all year round, melon reaches its peak just now, during the warmer months.
Thus, it is usual to cut the melon into slices and cover with slices of ham but … Why not take a different way to this classic summer cooking and make delicious snacks? It’s really easy. So just follow these steps:
As ingredients you’ll need: medium ripe melon, 300 grams of ham, and oil oil. Removed the seeds and rind of the melon. Cut it into cubes. Finely chop the ham and sauté in a pan with a few drops of oil, stirring constantly until crisp.
On each die of melon add a bit of ham crisp. If you click each die with a stick we get, as I we had a delicious appetizer with which to surprise your family.
Taste it and Enjoy it!

How to practice Biomovimiento by Marisol Hume

Hi my friends!. Our yoga expert shares with you this information about her method. In the workshops of Biomovimiento three types of movements are: The conscious movement The spontaneous movement and The mental movement
Physical area
The conscious movement
Correctives gymnastics:Alignment of the spine and posture study
Functional Gymnastics: Stretching, flexibility, and strength in terms of activities to be performed.
Bodywork techniques: Wall system STP, and floor techniques.
Working with aid chairs, rubber bands, balloons, boxes.
Studies of basic yoga postures The Spontaneous movement
Individual spontaneous dancing
Dance group
Improvisation with partners
Improvisation in groups
Mental area
Gymnastics for the brain
Mnemonic practice. Techniques to strengthen memory are called mnemonics.
Exercises to memorize something, using a mental association: of ideas, patterns or systematic repetition.
Concentration: Exercises to keep the focus on an object or sensation. Concentration exercise  towards one  internal or external object.
Learning to keep the energy in one direction for a certain time without being thinned.
Visualization: Learning to see pictures: see through the eyes of the mind.
Visualization of images for the achievement of objectives.
Language: Stimulation of the area of language. Reverse words by syllables or letters etc.
Affirmations: The Power of positive thinking.
Awareness of the negative statements, and replacement by positive statements..
Route of contact between mind and body:
Conscious breathing
Development of proprioception
I hope you find this information useful
Feelgood Womanhood
Marisol Hume Eriksson

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