Misslopez suggestion: Penelope should have spiced up Sex and the City 2

Penelope Cruz is in Sex and the City 2 for just a couple of minutes, a woman that Mr. Big shamelessly flirts with at a bar, making Carrie anxious that their boring marriage needs serious help.
The scene made me wonder: Why in the world would the filmmakers reach out to the gorgeous Oscar-winning actress, who is a huge fan of the first Sex and the Cty movie, for a barely-there cameo? I think the movie would have been a lot better with more Penelope in it. Here’s how we would have used her to shake up the City.
For exempel:  Have her flirt with Carrie instead of Big. Want to really spice it up? Carrie gets hit on by Penelope at a bar and has an epiphany—she’s actually into girls. I bet that would jump-start Mr. Big.
or  Have her become the fifth girlfriend. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda could use a new voice at their white-angst brunch sessions, especially one like Penelope’s, which is blunt and frank in that uniquely European way with her english with spanish accent.
Have you seen te movie?.
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