A spontaneous sabotages the Spanish singer at the Eurovision song contest

Last night was the Eurovision song contest and something very unusual happened at this festival for the first time in history, a spontaneous tried to sabotage the performance from Spain during the contest like in football…Have a look at the video!
The Spanish representative, Daniel Diges, has managed, with 68 points, 15th place, the best record in the last six years. With the theme ” Something little ” filled with joy, in waltz, the Telenor Arena Oslo. Diges was the second to go on stage and found a nasty surprise when a spontaneous attempt to sabotage his performance, which is why The organization of the event allowed him to repeat it again after completing the hearing of the 25 remaining countries.
However, the singer gave a lesson in professionalism and showed nerves of steel to continue as if nothing happened. Then said with humor: “It was a shock, really.” The man who broke during his performance has been identified as Jaume Marquet Cot , known as Jimmy Jump, events sneak specialist into the most varied, especially sports and now in Eurovision.
Ok I will be shocked too.
Feelgood everbody and Congratulations to the winner, it was a good song.