Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City loves spanish shoes Manolo Blanhik

Hello there!. All focus is on Carrie and I tell you why!. Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie in the tv serie and the film, is a woman who has conquered the hearts of fashionistas worldwide, and now has been interviewed by Hola at the premiere of Sex in New York 2 , where the spanish actress Penelope Cruz tried to seduce her husband on the film, Mr Big. Sarah said to the magazine that Penelope is very pretty and “like a candy for the eyes”. According to Sarah Jessica Parker, Penelope Cruz is  perfect!.

Sarah from Sex and the City loves the spanish label for shoes Manolo Blanhik because the spanish company was always very generous with the serie and every time she shot a movie Manolo Blanhik has made special shoes for her character, so she consider herself privileged. The spanish company let the girls from Sex and the City pick the material, color design, participate in the process … Sarah thinks Manolo is a gentleman and an honor for her to use their shoes in the Tv serie as well as in private.

So a litle spanish touch in Sex and the City 2, didn´t you know?

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