Miss Lopez tips: Get Inspiration from Sex and the City 2

Hello there!. Get inspired by Sex and the City 2!, The girls of Sex and the City have become icons for the independent women and have changed  sex and  fashion concepts in the western world. Now 12 years after the first episode of Sex and the City on tv, we have the film nummer 2.
The eccentric stylist Patricia Field was responsible for dressing Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha both the series and the movie. Patricia comes sometimes with  impossible outfits and taught the women of half the world to love  the shoemaker Manolo (Blahnik) , as well as designers  Gaultier , Halston, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior …
The white color selected by Patricia Field to start the second part of the film is a good tip that has caused crazyness at the department stores in USA by fashionist in search of the outfit by Sarah Jessica Parker. The girls from Sex in the City changed this time during the film to a more oriental style like in the picture.
So white, oriental and many more to get inspired by the “girls” of Sex and the City 2 but never forget do it your way.
Feelgood Womanhood