Princess Madeleine of Sweden on vacation in Miami, USA

Magdalena de Suecia en Nueva York
According to the tabloid Aftonbladet , Madeleine  is currently on vacation in Miami.
Princess has canceled her attendance at the inauguration of the Week of Sweden in Seattle in early May and instead her sister, Princess Victoria went to USA. On this occasion, a spokeswoman for the Royal Swedish said she was  “not well” after her split with Jonas Bergström and also clarified that it was a trip that was already planned, not a scape as it was said.
Her last public appearances have been in the Big Apple, New York, Madeleine in the picture (Hola) where she collaborates with the Foundation for  Children of the World, and Florida, where she visited several projects to help children and adolescents.
Now Madeleine is in Miami on vacation and she will be back to Sweden for her sister´s wedding like a new woman.
I like Princess Madeleine, she seems to be a strong woman and a bit of a rebel with style, Don´t you agree?
Enjoy life  and Felgood you too