Miss Lopez tips: Enjoy sunbathing and avoid common mistakes

Hej there!. I´ve got this information that it can be useful for you. The summer is almost here so do not miss these tips if you want to get the maximum benefit for your health, but also avoid possible damage from the sun on your skin when sunbathing. The Ordaz Clinic dermatologist in Madrid share this tips om the webb.
Like “Beware … cloudy days solar radiation is capable of transferring 40% of the clouds and if you’re not careful and do not protect yourself you may end up burnt on a cloudy day. Clouds can be dangerous because they create a magnifying effect with the sun, which further affects the skin. We must distinguish between cloudy day or with low or high clouds. If the clouds are very high the sun burns more, in fact if the clouds are cirrus, 95% of solar radiation passes through them.
– … And with the terraces. Surely you feel like enjoying the ‘ terraces season’, particularly after a winter as hard as this year. Be careful because solar radiation also damages in the cities. So use  protective creams even when going out to a terrace.
– The Mediterranean in the South of Europe is not the Caribbean. The problem is that the sun does not fall in the same way in all parts of the Earth, the closer the Earth’s ecuator,  sun radiation are worse. But it must take into account factors such as the color of water and sand. In places where there is crystal clear waters and white sand, the sun is more dangerous because their impact is reflected and multiplied.
– Driving without protection: protection should be made while driving as the glass of the car makes a magnifying effect very dangerous,you know.
– Do not use the proper sunscreen or make it in small quantities: you must be familiar with the phototype of our skin and know what kind of protection to use, also depend on the degree of photoaging skin. And it’s important to use enough cream and replace it at least every two hours.
Do you usually use sunscream? I hope you do  because it´s necessary. And remmenber,  it is a lot about common sense!
Enjoy the sun in a healthy way and Feelgood