Miss Lopez tips: Enjoy a San Francisco this summer

Hi there!. As we have passion for life, the good” one,  I give you a classic , San Francisco cocktail to enjoy this summer even more.
First the ingredients:
60 ml. Mix Sweet & Sour
60 ml. Mix Lima Mix
30 ml. Granada
30 ml. soda
160 ml. Crushed ice
semiconfitada a cherry
1 slice lime
1 slice of lemon

How to do it?
-Prepare the Sweet & Sour mix 20 ml.  lime, 20 ml. orange juice with pulp and 8 gr. of sugar.
“prepare the Lima Mix mixing 20 ml. pulco of lime, 20 ml of lemonade.
Mix in a shaker the Sweet & Sour , the Lima mix and grenadine. Then pour into a glass High-Ball Glassover crushed ice and add the soda.
Before serving squeeze the slice of lime and lemon slice and put them inside the vessel. To serve decorate with a cherry and a straw.
And that´s it, enjoy it!
Enjoy the Miss Lopez lifestyle