I miss my spa. Enjoy a lux spa in Spain, Gran Canaria

This is good life for me!, to enjoy a spa in Spain…here in the picture in Gran Canaria.
Nature seems to have allied with the island of Gran Canaria to offer a wealth of natural therapies for the benefit of rest and health . The soft sand beaches  massaged our feet while giving a long walk through them, the sea, warm and transparent, like  skin vitamin for its high iodine content, the fresh air oxygenates the lungs, relaxes muscles and, of course also the spirit and diversity of light and color serve as the best treatment for color therapy.
And all this with a temperature around 24 degrees almost all year around. Can you ask for more? Yes, a handful spa and thalassotherapy centers complement what nature has given to the island with all kinds of treatments to restore vital energy: therapy with seaweed sea mud, salt baths, hydrotherapy, parafangos …
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