Misslopez tips: Get fancy nails for the summer

Do you want Fancy Nails ? Misslopez wants to  give you a number of useful tips for taking care of  your nails. Besides do not miss  some of the proposals of color  from the international catwalks for this season: corals, the eternal red, green water …
Which colour do you prefer?

  • Cut nails always giving them a square or almond look, to grow in order to prevent discomfort and even infections.
  • The best way to tame is to avoid metal ans scissors.
  • The most important in ensuring good growth of the nail is to maintain the integrity of the cuticle , which protects skin cells. That’s why it’s important not to cut or damage it, to maintain full health and avoid  infections.
  • Using hand cream, it is important not neglecting the cuticle. Occasionally, you can ‘gift’ them with a nutritional oil dressing applied over the nail clean at night.
  • Food supplements for hair and nails are very effective in strengthening but you hae to do it regular.

Enjoy fancy and healthy nails this summer and Feelgood