Carla Bruni, ex-top model and french first lady, Ambassador in the fight against AIDS in Paris

It is the cause that affects her most closely, as her brother died of the disease four years ago.  Carla Bruni,the french first lady support a new campaign for Global Fund to Fight AIDS just presented in Paris . The First Lady of France did not hesitate to attend the presentation ceremony of HIV Born Free Born without AIDS ), which strives to eradicate this disease that still kills thousands of people, mainly in the Third World, which aims to mobilize the world so that no child born in 2015 will be affected by it.
This campaign, is also supported by musicians such as U2 and Amy Winehouser or Penelope  Cruz.
France, Europe’s biggest donor over the last decade, has been donated 15.7 million euros to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. Indeed France has been the largest European donor, with 1,900 million euros, followed by the UK (890 million and have pledged more funds until 2015), Italy (1,050 million), Germany (970 million), Spain (680 million), Netherlands , Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Denmark. The Global Fund estimates that it needs just under two billion dollars to achieve their goal. The majority of resources come from public funds.
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