Get fit dancing with the new Jukari Flex Fit like Helena Christensen

Here Helena Christensen stretching with elastic band Jukari Fit to Flex, the new thing for gyms!
If last spring came Jukari Fit to Fly in the hand of Bar Refaeli by Reebok, this year, comes Jukari Flex Fit , a new discipline from the creators as above to get fit,  that increase flexibility and improve your coordination and whose ambassador is the top half  south american-half scandinavian model Helena Christensen.
Use dynamic and effective exercises with music to bring life and fun to your workout through the ball and get fit creating  fluctuating movements that will shape your body in record time and almost without knowing it.
The exercises increase your flexibility ,harden your muscles and improve your coordination in a fun class with instructor by a band or ribbon Jukari Band , that will help you do your every movement to stretch and sculpt your figure.
It  helps you burn calories and lose weight as well as developing your strength “is an ideal activity to keep flexibility and has an incredible effect at the time to sculpt every muscle in your body” , says Helena Christensen the ambassador of this new trend.
Jukari Flex Fit will be launched across Europe in May 2010, . And soon will come to the gyms.
Get fit and Feelgood with Jukari Flex Fit