Misslopez tips: days of relax and golf in Costa del Sol

It all started in the twenties, when doctors recommended the British royal family to Princess Beatrice of Battenberg, mother of Queen Victoria Eugenia, spend the winters in Malaga .
Besides enjoying the great weather, sun and sandy beaches  you can find the golf club you like, and now the Costa del Sol is a paradise for lovers of the ‘green’ sport.
Dedicated almost entirely to meet the needs of professionals and amateurs, a number of exquisite and refined hotels have emerged in this area, also known as Costa del Golf.
You can find nice vegetation, lakes and streams across the green fields dunes, and some hotels have restaurants with Michelin stars , bearing the signature of the most prestigious architects and designers and there are those who offer their guests the opportunity to play at night by moonlight like Rio Real in Marbella…
So have a good time in Costa del Sol

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