Misslopez tips for working mothers: Get you work done at home

If you are a mother working from home can be a blessing or a nightmare. You may not have so much help as J.Lo in the picture (with her kids) but here come some tips how to make the best of the situation.
1. Before starting work, change your mind: indeed,you must not think you work at home, but they’ve moved the office to your home. This idea will help you adjust to this new professional status.
2. Get dressed (more or less)as if you were at the office! It helps you to get in the mood. Get dressed,  casual, comb your hair, take a touch of makeup and wear shoes with heels, or not, what most motivates you. Only then will be ready to begin work.
3. Have a proper workplace. The chair is not the best place to work, and less if the TV is on, “not a stool in the kitchen while preparing food seems very appropriate … So if you want to work at home you have to choose a place with the right conditions: a light space, a proper desk and chair, everything needed to develop your work. If you need ideas, check here.
4. What do I do with children?. Surely one of the most important reasons why they decided to work from home was to spend more time with your children, but the truth is that you or they ought to have something clear from the beginning of this new situation: Mom has notime to play when working. Your children get used to this routine from the beginning if you respect yourself . Teach your kids to amuse themselves while you spend working.
5. Works by objectives.
6. The routine, your lifeline. Plan your time and follow the same schedule day after day. Above all, try not to delay the time to start working !
7. Say no to interruptions. While dedicated to your work stop online shopping for another time and closes on Facebook and other social networks. At office may not give importance to these distractions, but at home can be real setbacks.
8. Plan your meetings. When you have to go to the office to attend a meeting, try to fix it at the same time you’ve set your schedule at home.
9. Requests advice. Ask colleagues to get advice.
10. Enjoy working from home and get the best of it but you must have discipline.
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