The Pilgrims way: Follow the footsteps of the Apostle James to Galicia, Spain

This is where I was born in Galicia, the greenest area of Spain, and the area with the strongest seafaring culture, has as its main tourist centre, Santiago de Compostela. For centuries this has been the point of pilgrimage for those following in the footsteps of the Apostle James. The wild cliffs of the Rias Altas offer a wild and magical face to the region, whereas the Rias Bajas are more adapted to tourism, with quiet beaches, villages with roots in the seafaring past and excellent local cuisine. Inland, where the countryside is less well-known, there is the chance to discover dense areas of forests and mythical landscapes crossed by a thousand rivers and where the way of life is still anchored in tradition.
Follow the Pilgrims way all the way to James (Santiago in spanish) and Feelgood