Misslopez tips: Balance your water consumption

I find this very interesting to know and I am sure you are used to read that is highly beneficial for your health, drinking water, and it is true. The body needs water to help remove toxins and also get a nice skin. So, do not hesitate to drink at least a liter of water daily, but never more than three.
The excesses are never good, even when drinking water. Moreover, this problem has a name: Potomania.  It´s relatively unknown disorder, which involves ingesting excessive amounts of water, compulsively and even when not feeling thirsty.
Many people, mainly women, convinced of the benefits  to lose weigh, do not hesitate to take more than three liters of water per day, which is not beneficial and can have very serious consequences. Why? as the kidneys are forced to work in excess, the mix of blood and fluid balance in the body can lead to serious trouble.
This disease is characterized by the irresistible urge to drink large amount of water in the day. Sometimes occurs in people with emotional or psychological problems. So, you know, drink water, but never in excess, as these are never good, even when drinking water.
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