The King of Spain: “In Spain we should be proud of our public health care”

As I am from Spain, I find this interesting. Don Juan Carlos, King of Spain  has been ill these days.  and here the King  leaving the hospital after four days of hospitalization due to surgery to remove a lung nodule and analyze it.
The good look of the King (Rey)-shaven and smiling, shows his quick  recovery. He left the Medical Center at 16:15 hours today without help and before leaving through the front door, he made statements to the press: “In Spain we must be proud of the Public Health we have, both in Catalonia and Madrid… “said the King of Spain in a brief appearance to the media  leaving the hospital. Don Juan Carlos wanted to thank the medical team and “all staff has taken care of me “at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, where he  has been “very well.” The sovereign also expressed his gratitude to the press.
Good to know and Feelgood both men and women!