Misslopez tips: Get the jobb you want with social networking

Use social networking at its best and you will be able to get the jobb you want and have fun at the same time. I give you a very useful guide on how profitable your social networking profiles can be.
Choose your friends and clean if needed your Facebook and Twitter profiles . Remove the labels on those photos that are not quite correct to create a serious image. Think your recruiter or potential customer can see you and your personal image can interfere with your professional image, especially at first sight.
Show yourself professional . Your hobbies or your family and personal life should be 1% of your public identity. Personal relationships are as personal use (79.3%), followed by shared hobbies (27%) and finally, labor relations, with 23.6%.
Have a blog, is a crucial part of your CV . You must write regularly on your specialty. Makes life easier for your followers, share information, use the Google Adwords tool to find keywords for your fans find you easily.
On Twitter: It is true that has fewer supporters but as a network is as active as Facebook. This network links, socialize, invite other people to read your blog and links to other blogs related to your interests.  It adds value in your tweets (Twitter messages), links professionals and entrepreneurs in your industry …
Resume and make sure it is updated and available on LinkedIn.
Stay active , do exactly what you want, become a volunteer, working for free … Be sure to write an article every day about what you are doing for free. Say, “I could do this for you, call me.”
Good Luck
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