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The french Laetitia Casta seduces Rihanna in her new video with spanish touch

With a ‘look’ very masculine and sensual at the same time, the top model Laetitia Casta became the focus of the new music video for the singer Rihanna. Under the heading of ‘I love you’, a song with chords in a clear Spanish style, she made her  perfomance which one of the ‘tops’ of the nineties that now became her ‘sexy’ co-worker. In the video they live a platonic romance. I can´t wait and see!
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Misslopez News:The best dress in film history

Hi there!. This is the one. The Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s has managed the top of the list drawn up by the British newspaper Daily Mail which brings together the ten best dressed in the history of cinema.
In second place is the green dress that actress Keira Knightley wore in the film ‘Atonement’ followed by the legendary Marilyn Monroe´s dress in ‘The Seven Year Itch’, the Ursula Andress bikini in the James Bond ‘Dr No ‘, and stunning gold dress in the back cross was Kate Hudson in “How To Lose a Guy in ten days.”Rounding out the list on top the black tights of Olivia Newton-John in ‘Grease’, the brace of Nicole Kidman in ‘Moulin Rouge’ or the wedding dress Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie ‘Sex and the City’.
Now you have a list of dresses to get inspired of.
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Misslopez fashion tips: dress is the best option for the summer

Were it like the girls of the Sex and the city, dress during the day or at night!. During the day, become addicted to this garment. without losing a touch of chic.
You can wear it with flat sandal denim jacket. If you want to go a little more sober, change the jacket by a boyfriend blazer. You’ll love the final result.

What about tonight?

For evening,  dresses to the knee are also “allowed”. Now it is the triumph the color makeup, but you can also were it in blue or purple, for example to highlight.
Use heels if you want to show off your legs. And you do not have to match the dress. That rule passed into history!.
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U.S. singer Miley Cyrus warms up the audience at Rock Rio in Lisbon, Portugal

U.S. singer Miley Cyrus known for a Disney film was able to win the applause of the audience during the concert held on the Rock in Rio held at Bela Vista Park in Lisbon. With a very sensual clothing, the popular artist performed some of her songs while performing her choreography with many dancers. This music festival began last week and were Leona Lewis, Elton John and Shakira in charge of giving the green light.
Have a look at the video and warm up you too
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Misslopez beauty tips: Get the best resuls of your hair fixing-spray

Today I am going to talk about a classic among fixing products. Take note of the simple tips to get the wanted results of your hair spray:
– Do not forget to apply the lacquer about 20 cm away and in circles the whole head, so you will achieve its effect lasts much longer.
– When applied to the head upside down, the result is a lot of volume from root to tip.
– To combat rebel hair, apply lacquer directly on the comb or brush and then brush your the area you want.
Do you often use spray fix your hair? Share your experiences with us.
Get the best results for your hair and Feelgood

the Puerto Rican singer, Ricky Martin will be awarded in New York for his humanitarian work

The Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin will be honored on June 3 in New York for his humanitarian work at an event organized by the Foundation amfAR.
The fact is that Ricky Martin  is very engaged in the fight against AIDS and precisely for this effort he will receive an award and gratitude. That same day, also amFAR will pay tribute to the designer Jean Paul Gaultier for his humanitarian work.
The artist wrotte in his twitter account a few months ago to his fans he was gay and he feels better now when everybody knows his best kept secret during so many years. Ricky is a father of two boys he got with the help of a surrogated mother.
It is proved that emotional writting has a therapy effect on people. So use Twitter and Feelgood
By the way, blogging has the same effect used the right way!
Feelgood you too

Misslopez suggestion: Penelope should have spiced up Sex and the City 2

Penelope Cruz is in Sex and the City 2 for just a couple of minutes, a woman that Mr. Big shamelessly flirts with at a bar, making Carrie anxious that their boring marriage needs serious help.
The scene made me wonder: Why in the world would the filmmakers reach out to the gorgeous Oscar-winning actress, who is a huge fan of the first Sex and the Cty movie, for a barely-there cameo? I think the movie would have been a lot better with more Penelope in it. Here’s how we would have used her to shake up the City.
For exempel:  Have her flirt with Carrie instead of Big. Want to really spice it up? Carrie gets hit on by Penelope at a bar and has an epiphany—she’s actually into girls. I bet that would jump-start Mr. Big.
or  Have her become the fifth girlfriend. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda could use a new voice at their white-angst brunch sessions, especially one like Penelope’s, which is blunt and frank in that uniquely European way with her english with spanish accent.
Have you seen te movie?.
Tell us what you think and Feelgood
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Misslopez feelgood tips: Get firm without going to the gym

We at Misslopez  propose you the following exercise in order to strengthen your abdomen. Lie on your back, feet flat on the floor. Starting from this position, please lumbar gap separating the ground and pushing back of the abdomen and buttocks. Try to take three seconds. Now, from this position, perform a pelvic retroversion, closing the gap. Press your back with all the ground, even if you had to separate the buttocks slightly. Watch your breath while doing the exercise: Take out the opening air lumbar and air release to make the opposite movement. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
Get Firm and Feelgood

A spontaneous sabotages the Spanish singer at the Eurovision song contest

Last night was the Eurovision song contest and something very unusual happened at this festival for the first time in history, a spontaneous tried to sabotage the performance from Spain during the contest like in football…Have a look at the video!
The Spanish representative, Daniel Diges, has managed, with 68 points, 15th place, the best record in the last six years. With the theme ” Something little ” filled with joy, in waltz, the Telenor Arena Oslo. Diges was the second to go on stage and found a nasty surprise when a spontaneous attempt to sabotage his performance, which is why The organization of the event allowed him to repeat it again after completing the hearing of the 25 remaining countries.
However, the singer gave a lesson in professionalism and showed nerves of steel to continue as if nothing happened. Then said with humor: “It was a shock, really.” The man who broke during his performance has been identified as Jaume Marquet Cot , known as Jimmy Jump, events sneak specialist into the most varied, especially sports and now in Eurovision.
Ok I will be shocked too.
Feelgood everbody and Congratulations to the winner, it was a good song.

Misslopez tips: Sleep and keep you fit

Feelgood tips in case you want to keep you fit. According to several studies, the lack of sleep can affect overweight. Dr. Marta Garaulet Aza explains the reasons in her book. Yes we can say that the lack of sleep makes you fat.  When this important rhythm is altered can occur diseases, including obesity.
The hours of sleep along with meal times, are proving to be essential in body weight as well.  Recent epidemiological studies show that workers at night with rotating shifts have a higher degree of obesity, blood triglycerides, low HDL levels, abdominal obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular risk. In addition, many scientific papers associates the reducing the number of hours of sleep with obesity.
So take care of yourself and Feelgood