The future economy is in the hands of women: “Womenomics”

Something is changing in the markets. The traditional structure of business reserved for men  is in decline. Far from being a feminist statement, the economy starts to think about women for reasons.

Women have in their hands 65% of world imports , the U.S. percentage rises to 80%, according to the consultant The Boston International Strategic Consulting Group (BCG). A budget equivalent to 8.7 billion euros per year and in 2013 could exceed 12 billion euros . A lucrative market in which companies, beyond the cosmetics and fashion, have to think.

Above all this, and the woman’s ability to lead companies , there is a new phenomenon, “Womenomics “the result of joining the words” women “(women) and” economics “(economy).
Women Work = Success

“Womenomics” is not about what companies “should” do for women. A study conducted by Pepperdine University on the Fortune 500 companies reveals that those with the highest proportion of women promoted, outperform the competition from 41 to 116%. Similarly, in Canada, 70% of new businesses are headed by womenand the inUnited Kingdom, women will own 60% of all personal wealth.
The management style of women being recognized as valuable, is not identified as smooth. Feminine skills, predominant on the right side of the brain, such as integration, commitment and risk aversion , are now considered necessary for a profitable business.

BCG also suggests that for women is a booming market. Today there are nearly 2,000 million working women in the world , representing revenues of over 7 billion euros a year, that will grow in coming years. This is because women’s employment will grow by 2.2% and that the wage gap between men and women will be passed.
These and other findings are contained in the book ” How Women Mean Business “written by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, one of the  defenders of” Womenomics. ”

The phenomenon Womenomics “, led by some of the most influential women in the world, speaks of a social revolution in which women will change consumer habits and work. As a matter of fact, women at college are already 60% of pupils in schools and also get better grades.
Feelod Womanhood