Misslopez tips: Taste the royal wedding cake now

Princess Victoria of Sweden and her fiancé  will also have a sweet and delicious end to their wedding. “Big, white and tasty wedding cake” as the baker  Gunter Koerffer has revealed during the presentation of the Wedding Cake of the People for the royal couple, the other that it can test all Swedes .
Günther Koerffer in the picture with his creation at the Cathedral of Stockholm and the Royal Palace, and his four assistants have been charged in making both cakes.  Günther Koerffer also joined the team of bakers who makes the wedding cake of kings Carlos Gustavo and Silvia in 1976.
The tradition of serving as a dessert cake dates back to the wedding ceremonies of antiquity. Bread is considered to bring good fortune and then to the wedding guests arrived from Greece and Rome.  Then a  medieval French chef who worked at the English Royal Court had the idea to mix bread with powdered sugar to form a high cake. That is how did the wedding cake we know today.
So if you are in Stockholm taste the royal wedding cake of the people