Britain’s next first lady could be from Spain next month


Maybe Britain´s first lady and Prime Minister to be!. Her name is Miriam Gonzalez Durántez and on 6 May could change her London house to live in 10 Downing Street, the residence of the Prime Ministers of Great Britain , and become Britain´s First Lady next May 6.

Her husband, Nick Clegg , is  the leader candidate of the Liberal Party and may become the next prime minister. His party is the third political force in the country and compete in the polls against Gordon Brown , the current prime minister and Labor Party leader, and against the conservative David Cameron.

Miriam is born in Spain,  Olmedo, a town of 4,000 inhabitants close to Valladolid and Madrid. She, a 41 years old lawyer, has become the best support for her husband in his race to win the next general election. The media has been praising her discretion , professionalism and style, perfect for a first lady!.

Miriam has been involved in politics since she  was little because her father, Jose Antonio Gonzalez was mayor of Olmedo, and a politician in Madrid. Her mother, Mercedes Durántez, studied law at the University of Valladolid.

Miriam Gonzalez and Nick Clegg met in Belgium, while studying at  College. At first they spoke to each other in French and then in English, but later Nick, learned Spanish. Miriam keeps in mind that when they first traveled to Spain, they were listening to tapes of  Spanish classes and he had a very funny Mexican accent at the beginning.
Since then everything went smoothly, they got married in 2000 and have now three children Antonio, seven, Alberto, four, and Miguel, one. In an interview for a Spanish paper, El Mundo, Miriam said to be very proud of her origins, saying: “I’m from Olmedo, I’m from Spain and I’m very Castilian and I like it to be because the Spaniards from this region are very austere, noble and loyal. ” In a statement to that newspaper, which also includes the magazine Hola Miriam also said that her husband is “the best man in the world”, but has a flaw: “It’s a total disaster in the kitchen.”

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