New York has a new “Superman”: a french tourist

New York City inspired countless film scripts, and now has a new hero whose story seems to be  from a Hollywood film. A mysterious man rescued last week to a two-year old girl fell into the waters of Manhattan’s East River and then disappeared. Nothing was known about the new hero of New Yorkers, until the Daily News managed to find out the identity of this new “Superman.”
This is a French citizen named Julien Duret, 29, and a resident of the French city of Lyon. Duret was staying on vacation in the Big Apple, and suddenly and without thinking,  saved the life of a girl. The young man could see  the river fell from the ship Peking, one of the attractions of lower Manhattan but Duret reacted and gave a sign of great heroism by rushing to rescue the girl.
He does not considere himself a hero. and he hopes “everybody does the same thing” if you are in a similar situation.
Now you know the statue of Liberty has a new hero, you should feel safe in New York.  So why not travelling to Nueva York, NY this spring?
Travel to NY and Feelgood!