Enjoy a royal honeymoon with glamour in Mallorca

The wedding Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco automatically became a myth, and the new princess, a symbol of the rebirth of Monaco.  But did you know that they had their honeymoon in Spain, Mallorca? Yes!
The newlyweds chose as the destination for their honeymoon a secret corner of the Balearic Islands: 322 room in hotel Barceló in Mallorca, on 23 April 1956.
This hotel has just launched its new Honeymoon Package Princess, a vacation package that evokes all the luxury, exclusivity and glamor surrounding the residence of Grace Kelly in the islands, for those looking for a honeymoon ‘movie’, and enjoy some of the exclusive details typical of the pomp of royalty.
You will get an impressive room overlooking the bay of Formentor,  emerald green vegetation,  a check-in private session to receive exclusive massage to release tension of the wedding, lobster dinner, sparkling wine and wedding cake, breakfast in bed with champagne and  a professional photographer, are just some of the keys to this magical  honeymoon
And you, where would you go on your honeymoon?
Feelgood in Mallorca!