Best Misslopez beauty tip: laugh a lot

The  spanish model, Laura Sanchez is always transmitting optimism, with a smile on her face is not surprising that she confesses that “the best trick of beauty, healthier and cheaper, is to laugh a lot”, and follow some rutins. Does anyone doubt that?
The Andalusian model has shared her beauty secrets. Take note of her advice, especially now that we are already in full set-up for the summer.
In shape. Laura enjoys to exercise, and although it goes to the gym, loves riding and swim.
Your skin. Aware of the importance of hydration, drink plent of water and always use a good morning cream moustirizer.
“No need to spend many hours in the care of the skin, but always at least a few minutes during morning and evening”.
Relaxing moments. “The stress is very obvious in our skin. A good massage is highly recommended: helps release tension, and skin and face thank us forever. ”
So do as Laura and laugh a lot!