The first mother astronaut on Twitter launched from NASA, Florida

Naoko Yamazaki is a Japanese mother … and an astronaut. She will be the first mom to get to outer space and the world will know her adventure via herTwitter page, which already has over 20,000 followers.

Yamazaki 39-year-old mother of a girl, is flying out today fromthe International Space Station (ISS) on board the STS-131 space shuttle Discovery launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida (USA). Naoko is married and Taichi Yamazaki daughter’s name is Yuki. In addition to the stars, has other hobbies, like scuba diving, skiing and listening to music.

It is Japan’s second woman to travel into space and has already begun to tell her space journey through cyberspace.

Together with two other women she will travel the U.S. Stephanie Wilson and Dorothy Metcalf-LindenburgerAnd on the ISS will be joined by his colleague Tracy Caldwell Dyson, and for the first time four women in the place.

A “feminine” mission

The four are part of the last mission NASA to bring to the ISS 7.7 tons of scientific equipment and the replacement of a tank of ammonia, the withdrawal of some trays of experiments and the setting of a gyroscope.

You can do it!

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