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Jessica Alba celebrates her 29th birthday in New York

Jessica Alba celebra su 29 cumpleaños con una cena romántica
jessica alba

Did you know that Jessica Alba is half mexican and half scandinavian? Her father is from Mexico and her mother from Scandinavia in the north of Europe. Cool and she is considered one the sexiest women in the world.
Yesterday the actress Jessica Alba celebrated her 29th birthday out to dinner with her husband at the restaurant Vinegar Hill House. Then they moved to SL, New York, where they finished a very happy day for the artist, who is going through one of the best moments in  life. Wearing a short green skirt, a blue top and a black leather jacket , the star of The Fantastic Four grabbed her husband  by the shoulder.
The couple met in 2005 while filming Fantastic Four  , married on 19 May 2008 and shortly afterwards, on 7 June that year, their daughter was born , who has filled them with joy and happiness.
Happy Birthday Jessica!
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Penelope Cruz becomes 36 years old in Paris

Penelope Cruz, the Oscar winner for Vicky Cristina Barcelona is so focused on her work that yesterday she has spent her 36th birthday in Paris shooting a commercial for the launch of a new fragrance. Penelope delighted everybody with her best smile at the Crillon hotel in City of Light.  She is considered one of the sexiest women alive, Penelope Cruz, very atractive with an asymmetrical dress  and her hair up, posed for the famous photographer of the stars, Mario Testino , as a Hollywood diva she is.
Meanwhile she is not in a hurry for marriage or children.
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Jessica Alba helping Kate Kudson at Tribeca Film Festival in New York

Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson attended the Tribeca Film Festival to present the film The Killer Inside Me . Jessica in white and Kate in black, made their particular actresses parade on the red carpet of the event due to the strong wind at the premiere.
Fortunately Jessica Alba noticed it and prevented Louis Vuitton dress Kate to show up more than it should. The scene remind us a famous film image by Marilyn Monroe .
Jessica Alba with one hand in front and one behind in order to avoid it and help Kate against the wind.
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Desperate House Wife Eva Longoria introduces her perfume in California with her co-stars

The perfume by Eva Longoria, Eva, was presented yesterday in California. She was very happy, in the coming-out of her first perfume. A presentation that took place at her  restaurant, Beso , in Hollywood, where she was sheltered by Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman, two of her co-stars in the Tv serie Desperate Housewives.
Beso in spanish is kiss
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Misslopez tips: Taste the royal wedding cake now

Princess Victoria of Sweden and her fiancé  will also have a sweet and delicious end to their wedding. “Big, white and tasty wedding cake” as the baker  Gunter Koerffer has revealed during the presentation of the Wedding Cake of the People for the royal couple, the other that it can test all Swedes .
Günther Koerffer in the picture with his creation at the Cathedral of Stockholm and the Royal Palace, and his four assistants have been charged in making both cakes.  Günther Koerffer also joined the team of bakers who makes the wedding cake of kings Carlos Gustavo and Silvia in 1976.
The tradition of serving as a dessert cake dates back to the wedding ceremonies of antiquity. Bread is considered to bring good fortune and then to the wedding guests arrived from Greece and Rome.  Then a  medieval French chef who worked at the English Royal Court had the idea to mix bread with powdered sugar to form a high cake. That is how did the wedding cake we know today.
So if you are in Stockholm taste the royal wedding cake of the people

Princess Trend in New York Fashion Bridal Week 2011

Los vestidos que vienen: Así ha sido la New York Bridal Week 2011
Top Trends for 2011:  Even it is still too early to venture what clothing, fabrics and accessories will be next season (just a few days left for the two major Spanish trade fair for brides, Brides Cibeles Madrid and Barcelona Bridal Week, open their doors), New York has hinted some of the wedding creations in the coming months: pompous dresses, princess silhouette …a royal wedding is in the air!
Show off the princess in you!
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The future economy is in the hands of women: "Womenomics"

Something is changing in the markets. The traditional structure of business reserved for men  is in decline. Far from being a feminist statement, the economy starts to think about women for reasons. Women have in their hands 65% of world imports , the U.S. percentage rises to 80%, according to the consultant The Boston International Strategic Consulting Group (BCG). A budget equivalent to 8.7 billion euros per year and in 2013 could exceed 12 billion euros . A lucrative market in which companies, beyond the cosmetics and fashion, have to think.
Above all this, and the woman’s ability to lead companies , there is a new phenomenon, “Womenomics “the result of joining the words” women “(women) and” economics “(economy).
Women Work = Success
“Womenomics” is not about what companies “should” do for women. A study conducted by Pepperdine University on the Fortune 500 companies reveals that those with the highest proportion of women promoted, outperform the competition from 41 to 116%. Similarly, in Canada, 70% of new businesses are headed by womenand the inUnited Kingdom, women will own 60% of all personal wealth.
The management style of women being recognized as valuable, is not identified as smooth. Feminine skills, predominant on the right side of the brain, such as integration, commitment and risk aversion , are now considered necessary for a profitable business.
BCG also suggests that for women is a booming market. Today there are nearly 2,000 million working women in the world , representing revenues of over 7 billion euros a year, that will grow in coming years. This is because women’s employment will grow by 2.2% and that the wage gap between men and women will be passed.
These and other findings are contained in the book ” How Women Mean Business “written by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, one of the  defenders of” Womenomics. ”
The phenomenon Womenomics “, led by some of the most influential women in the world, speaks of a social revolution in which women will change consumer habits and work. As a matter of fact, women at college are already 60% of pupils in schools and also get better grades.
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Jennifer Lopez visits Spain to promote her latest film

J.Lo has just been to Madrid to promote  the Back up plan. The film is a romantic comedy about a woman who decides to have a child.
The singer and actress has traveled to Spain with her family : her children, sister and nephew.  She  has also been to London, Berlin and Paris and  had time to talk to the media in the capital of Spain, Madrid about her  latest film, as well as her upcoming album Love,  her husband and children .  Marc, her husband is  in Puerto Rico because on Thursday this week he will be givng  a very important prize at the gala of the Latin Billboard Awards.
To the question, how much time she spend a day thinking about fashion, she said:
” It’s part of my life, like music. “, and she is a hard worker too.

She said her new album after Love will be in spanish and that she is a woman  she feels very comfortable with herself.
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